Alibaba and Sahbmad (アリババとサブマド, Aribaba to Sabumado) is Night 52 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Barkak greets Alibaba and on Sahbmad's behalf, explains the reason of their visit. Alibaba asks Sahbmad why did he come to such a place, but Sahbmad, instead of replying, while shivering, says that Alibaba is really amazing. Barkak grabs his shoulder to calm him down, and explains to Alibaba that the Deputy King came to him even in this state. Then Sinbad comes and realizes that it was Sahbmad who was leaking information to the Fog Troupe. Sahbmad denies any affiliation with the group and explains that he is doing this only because of Alibaba's presence, wishing to do something for this country. He then reveals his desire to Alibaba to stop Ahbmad. Barkak explains Balbadd's bad situation, including Markkio's arrival and starting to depend on the Kou Empire's paper money, Huang, and falling into huge debt. Ahbmad decided to use citizens as the next collateral, to change Balbadd into a slave-exporting country.


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