After the Battle (戦いの後, Tatakai no Ato) is Night 51 of the Magi manga series.

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After the battle, Morgiana helps out by treating others, but she feels like she is useless. She decides that she wants to help out Alibaba and Aladdin before going back to her homeland. Alibaba, while treating his injures, is wondering what he's doing, being useless like this. He checks his injures even in private areas of his body. Morgiana comes in and notices him with his bottom fully exposed, much to their horror. Later, while she bandages him, Alibaba asks about Aladdin's condition. He explains to her what happened in the Dungeon Amon and they decide to see him. They notice that their friend is in very bad shape. Sinbad comes in and orders them to take Ugo's flute away from him, telling him that it endangers his life.

Afterwards, people from the Fog Troupe demand Alibaba to answer what is going to happen to them, but as he has nothing to say, Sinbad calms them down instead. Feeling himself to be useless for not being able to do anything to help and with Cassim still missing, Alibaba is visited by his brother, Deputy King Sahbmad.


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