His Name is Judar (その名はジュダル, Sono Na wa Judaru) is Night 45 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Judar comes and talks with Sinbad. He announces that he has no interest in Balbadd's situation but instead, is interested in war. Meanwhile, Ja'far explains to Aladdin that Judar is a Magi as well. Judar then notices Aladdin's presence and learns that he's, in fact, a Magi as well. He acts all friendly, but eventually punches Aladdin and laughs him off. He begins to look for Aladdin's King Vessel, finding out that it's Alibaba. He humiliates him, but Aladdin stays in his defense. Wanting to see Alibaba's power himself, Judar attacks and hurts Alibaba. Aladdin then realizes that he has to stop Judar at all cost.


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