Alibaba and Ahbmad (アリババとアブマド, Aribaba to Abumado) is Night 43 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Sinbad reveals that one of his reasons to join the Fog Troupe is to stop the abnormalities of the world. Cassim still doesn't agree and insults Sinbad, making Ja'far attack him. Sinbad then persuades Alibaba to go to the Balbadd's Palace as the Prince by assuring him that he's really the king's son and mentioning that this means responsibility. Before the palace, citizens wait for the results of the negotiations. Alibaba tries to talk with him, but Ahbmad completely ignores his brother, calling him a thief and thinking that it's insulting that someone like him was allowed to go to speak to him. He then adds that he has never recognized Alibaba as his brother and if it wasn't for the protection of Sinbad, Alibaba would've lost his head. After that, Ahbmad says he doesn't feel well because of all these maggots, which makes Alibaba even more enraged for calling his citizens this. Then, Ahbmad is visited by the Banker. Outside, Aladdin and Morgiana wonder about Alibaba's doing. Someone passes by Aladdin and sparks his interest.


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