Incident (事件, Jiken) is Night 39 of the Magi manga series.

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After short greetings, Cassim and Alibaba go to drink. Alibaba is terrified as he realizes that Cassim has been surrounded by mature things. After being quickly filled up with the current situation with the slums, Cassim gets Alibaba drunk. Then, Alibaba shares with him the secret about the wall in the palace not being solid enough in some places, thanks to which Alibaba could dig tunnels and escape. He then apologizes for punching Cassim on that day and wonders if Cassim said those words for his sake. When Cassim confirms it, Alibaba is relieved. Alibaba feels stupid when he reflects back on how one of Cassim's men followed him during his way back.

Afterwards, Alibaba is summoned to the ill King's bed. Rashid tells Alibaba that he wants to leave the country to him and explains Balbadd's situation. Alibaba asks his father how he felt about his mother, and the king states that he truly loved her. Albeit Alibaba denies the king's offer, he decides to devote himself to the Kingdom. He then heads to where the walls are weak, but much to his surprise, he finds Cassim there. He is knocked off, and Cassim and his comrades leave the Palace with its treasures, leaving Alibaba guilty of causing this incident with his blabbering.


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