Junkyard Street (ゴミ溜めの街, Gomidame no Machi) is Night 38 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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After briefly mentioning that Cassim is the real leader of the Fog Troupe, Alibaba proceeds with his explanations. In the past, he and Cassim played with each other, with Alibaba being the winner thanks to his tunnels. Although they often fight, they are best of friends. However, while Alibaba's mother, despite being a prostitute, is very kind, Cassim's father often resorts to hitting his own children, so Anise takes care of them as her own. Once Cassim's father disappears, they become a family of four. After Anise's death, Alibaba does small but honest jobs, while Cassim goes back to stealing. Alibaba wants to give him a hand, but his offer is denied. Cassim only asks if they're friends, which Alibaba confirms.

Soon after, Alibaba discovers that he's actually a son of the King of Balbadd. He decides to talk this over with Cassim, but the two end up fighting because of Cassim's statement that they're different from birth. After that, Alibaba says goodbye to the slums and starts learning how to be a prince, and despite all the hardness at first, eventually he is accepted by many. One day, he sneaks in from the palace to see the slums. However, he sees nothing when he arrives there. As he wants to go back home, he meets Cassim again.


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