The Fog Troupe (霧の団, Kiri no Dan) is Night 36 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Characters in bold denote the character's proper appearance.
Characters in italic are only seen briefly and have yet to make a proper appearance.


Magic in bold denotes the magic's first appearance.


Alibaba creates the Wall of Flames and lets the Fog Troupe escape. Sinbad and Ja'far comment on the current situation, commenting mostly about Alibaba. The Nando Brothers save a woman from being raped and talk about Balbadd's economics. They are interrupted and taken to the Fog Troupe. Cassim wants to happily let them join, but Alibaba firmly states their goals. Later, he talks with Cassim in private. He asks him if Cassim wants to start a war, which he confirms but quickly shakes off that idea. He reminds Alibaba that he is the leader, but then they're interrupted by exhilarated kids, grateful to Alibaba for allowing them to eat twice a day. Cassim then begs Alibaba to save the children and to not go anywhere. Afterwards, Morgiana pays Alibaba a visit and demands him to state his reasons to Aladdin. She kidnaps him and takes on a night flight when he refuses to say anything.


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