Road to Balbadd (バルバッドへの道, Barubaddo e no Michi) is Night 32 of the Magi manga series.

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As the Nando brothers trek through the desert with no food and valuables, L Nando spots Sinbad in the forest. The Nando brothers take Sinbad's jewelry, clothes, and metal vessels. Moments later, Aladdin and Morgiana arrive to the forest. Morgiana thanks Aladdin and explains that Alibaba used his treasure to liberate all the slaves. Then, Sinbad comes along with his hands open and body exposed, which freaks out Aladdin and Morgiana. By the campfire, Aladdin shares his adventures with Sinbad. Sinbad mentions how adventures are every man's dream. When Morgiana smells the sea, her and Aladdin go up the hill where they find the city of Balbadd. After Sinbad gives Aladdin and Morgiana a tour of Balbadd, he gives them a room at a hotel. Ja'far and Masrur arrive to stop the guards, whom seem to think Sinbad is suspicious. A maid directs Aladdin and Morgiana to their room. When Aladdin asks the maid if she knows Alibaba, the maid explains that Alibaba is one of Balbadd's wanted criminals.


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