Sinbad's Bonds (シンドバッドの絆 Shindobaddo no Kizuna) is Night 317 of the Magi manga series.

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Sinbad wakes up not hearing David's voice, so he does his daily business. Aladdin and Alibaba visit Sinbad, and Alibaba reveals how everyone can transmit information on their communication devices. At the Kou Empire, Sinbad conducts business with Kougyoku who rather have Ka Koubun talk with Sinbad. Sinbad reminds Kougyoku what he done to end the Kou Empire civil war was necessary.

Later in Sindria Kingdom, Sinbad and his Eight Generals arrive together for a reunion to pay their respects for their deceased love ones, the founders of Sindria. Spartos shared about Mystras' death and how he only remembers the good times. Pipirika states she cannot forget the tragic look on Rurumu's face. Sinbad changes the subject and praise Drakon, Spartos, Hinahoho, and rest. Drakon instead tells Sinbad it was him who devoted his power to create a world without war after the tragedy of being defeated by Parthevian army. He tells Sinbad that they and their deceased love ones are proud of him.

Remember his comrades, Sinbad notes he came this far with their support and remains determined to steer the world in the right direction using his bonds.


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