Aladdin and Alibaba (アラジンとアリババ, Arajin to Aribaba) is Night 3 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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No magic appeared in this chapter.


When Aladdin shows off his metal vessel, everyone runs away in fright. When Alibaba found out about it, he wants Aladdin to believe that he is his buddy. Alibaba later feeds Aladdin some food. Later, Alibaba's cart owner comes to speak with Alibaba about Budel's demand for compensation. If Alibaba doesn't pay for the damages, he'll be made into a slave. Alibaba promises the cart owner that he'll capture a dungeon and compensate Budel. When Alibaba introduces Aladdin as his slave, Aladdin gets mad and refuses to speak to Alibaba. Then, Alibaba apologizes to Aladdin and calls him his friend. Aladdin accepts Alibaba's apology and befriends him.