Reunion with A Friend (皇帝(とも)との再会 Tomo to no Saikai) is Night 290 of the Magi manga series.

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Alibaba successfully breaks into the palace by easily evading the guards. He makes his way into the royal courtroom, and happily greets Kougyoku. When the guards attempt to shoo him, Kougyoku stops and asks them to leave her and Alibaba alone as she wants to converse with him privately. Moments later in a private room, Alibaba notices that Kougyoku is acting a bit distant towards him. He attempts to engage in banter with her to lighten the mood, and manages to make her lose her composure after he reminds her that he was best at making flower crowns. Kougyoku finally chuckles and blushes a bit as she and Alibaba continue their conversation with less suspense. Alibaba shares his adventures with Judar in the other dimension while Kougyoku listens to him.

Then, Alibaba changes the topic and asks Kougyoku about Aladdin, Morgiana, and Hakuryuu's whereabouts. When Kougyoku replies that she does not know, Alibaba expresses he has concerns for her well-being and Kou Empire's state. Kougyoku notes that Alibaba has seen the state of Rakushou and shares how things were better and livelier in the old days. Because of the restrictions placed by the International Alliance, Kougyoku and her group cannot use Metal Vessels or raise an army to counter the pirates. Furthermore, she attempted many ways to improve the economy, such as adopting laws similar to Reim and Parthevia, but none of them went smoothly. When Alibaba tells her that her attempts were not fruitless, Kougyoku cries out how Sinbad used her. She wished to be useful to her family and empire by protecting them, yet she ended up hurting everyone in the end for not noticing Sinbad's Zepar inside of her. As Alibaba apologizes to Kougyoku about withholding information on Zepar's presence in her, Kougyoku states that Sinbad informed her that Alibaba had noticed. Despite resenting Alibaba at first, she realizes that Ailbaba was concerned of her well-being since she would have faced harsh treatment by her home country, and later thanks him. She informs Alibaba that the Kou Empire will soon be dissolved due its inability to pay huge loans owed to the International Alliance.

Suddenly, Koubun Ka and his group barge in with plans on fixing their situation. He shares his new proposal with Alibaba. Alibaba assures Kougyoku and her group to put their faith into him as he has a plan to help them.


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