Slave (奴隷, Dorei) is Night 29 of the Magi manga series.

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Morgiana wakes up in an unfamiliar place and meets Nadja. Nadja tells Morgiana her story. After that, Morgiana realizes that she can't break her shackles. Nadja asks her what will happen to them, and Morgiana, in details, explains how people become slaves. She knows she has to hurry up to not let that happen, again. When she hears Nadja's crying voice, she's not sure what to do. During their talk, Morgiana sees herself as a child. With a bright smile, she reassures Nadja that she will help them. She thinks she definitely won't become a slave once again. She then takes care of Nadja for a few days. 5 days later, Nadja becomes feverish and Morgiana asks Fatima for help. He decides to kill her instead, dropping Nadja into a cage full of Desert Hyenas and forcing Morgiana to watch. Morgiana becomes angry and tries to break the shackles, but is a useless effort. After trying for some time, she concludes that she can't break them no matter what. However, after dropping a few tears, she hears Goltas's voice telling her that her shackles should've been removed already.


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