The Scar That Can't Disappear (消えないあざ, Kienai Aza) is Night 27 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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In the middle of the night, Morgiana is haunted by nightmares. She dreams of Jamil brutally abusing her. However, when sunlight falls upon her, Goltas appears in her dream. He tells her that Jamil is not here anymore, but if she is still scared, she should look ahead at her homeland. He then says that she should go there to find out the real meaning of freedom. Still asleep, she starts to cry. In the morning, Morgiana works along with Leila and Sahsa. They express how glad they are that she joined their caravan and Morgiana recalls how she met them. To express her gratitude, she kneels with her head close to the ground, surprising the other girls. Leila comments that she would be happy if Morgiana stayed with them even after they reach Balbadd, but she clearly declines.

At bazaar, they meet Fatima, a slave trader. Morgiana looks at him with hatred. Then, she sits alone and questions the reasons for her being a slave. She notices that her scars won't disappear quickly. She remembers Aladdin saying that slaves could go anywhere if the chains were broken and wonders if he and Alibaba are okay. After going back, she finds out that a group of tough thieves blocked the caravan's way, so they take another route. She decides to shut down the thieves, and in the middle of the night, attacks their base.


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