The Return of Solomon (ソロモンの帰還, Soromon no Kikan) is Night 235 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order of Appearance

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As Sheba's body laid there with blood on the floor, Ugo picks up Sheba and Solomon's child, Aladdin. Ugo looks determined as he cradles Aladdin who is only an embryo. Though Ugo expresses hesitation and wonders what he will do as he shouts Solomon's name in his mind and asks what will he do. Suddenly, King Solomon appeared to everyone's relief. The sky's black hole spews out chiefs of other tribes while Solomon explains Al-Thamen is trying to return everything to nothing. Amon and the chiefs pledge to follow Solomon and protect the future. Ugo is amazed at the solidarity behind the chiefs and how Solomon has brought these chiefs together.

Arba and her group confront Solomon's group, bent on making them disappear. During the final battle, the chiefs became Djinns due to Solomon's Metal Vessels. They battle the Black Djinn. The enemy has run out of Black Djinn and Black Rukh. On the battle grounds, Wahid sacrifices himself to save Falan. He proudly exclaims he will use his life to protect his wife and child after noting he doesn't know what justice is. Wahid looks forward to search for Tess as his Black Rukh merges with Ill Ilah. This leads to Ill Ilah sending black mass towards the battleground, killing many. In the process, Ill Ilah has taken all of the Rukh, the origin of life. Solomon's barrier protected the few survivors. Despite the grim situation, Solomon reminds Ugo that he is the strongest magician and that he can create a new world. Arba and Solomon argues. In their debate, Arba argues that she was the only can hear god's voice. Solomon urged her to not entrust god's voice that was coated with her own desires. Arba shouts that god has fallen because of Solomon.

Solomon states Arba isn't able to forgive him. Arba replies she will destroy their fake world.


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