The Future (未来, Mirai) is Night 225 of the Magi manga series.

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In the three months that Solomon and Sheba have begun their relationship, the two have grown remarkably closer. Meanwhile, the different species the resistance has freed have been fighting amongst each other, bent on wiping each other out. As a result, humans have been asking Solomon to "punish" these species, and some have began to demand that he become king for the sake of order, much to the magician's unhappiness. As Ugo sits with him, he tells his leader that he understands that he is feeling dismay, and they begin a discussion concerning the existence of "Rukh" and its association with Ill Ilah and souls.

After another three months, news that prompts a happy reaction arrives: Sheba is expecting a child. She and Solomon share a cheerful moment with their friends, and the former declares her intention of participating in the war by suspending her pregnancy, asserting that she will be a vital fighter. The atmosphere lightens again as the friends pray to God in hope of success, before Sheba is asked what she plans to name her child. With a smile, she responds that it will be kept secret for the time being.


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