Lovesickness (恋情, Renjō) is Night 221 of the Magi manga series.

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Five years following Sheba joining Solomon's resistance, the now seventeen-year-old is working to free Phenex's species from the control of David's magicians. After convincing them that they can live peacefully as equals to humans, Sheba returns to the eighth base, rejoining Ugo and the others. While she chats with them, she unwittingly allows her infatuations with Solomon to show, leading to teasing and Ugo stating that the young man may praise her for her hard work.

As Sheba wanders alone, she ponders over Ugo's words, genuinely considering them. Believing her friend's advice, she searches for Solomon, only to find him sparring with Arba, and sees them act friendly with each other. This sparks jealously in Sheba's heart, leading her to leave quietly and drown her feelings in food.

Later, Ugo speaks to Solomon and Sheba about the changes in the Magoi they have been receiving from Ill Ilah, as it feels more impure than before. The three decide to visit the Mother Dragon for answers.


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