The Great Sinners (大罪人, Taizainin) is Night 218 of the Magi manga series.

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Sheba crying

Sheba exclaims that she made friends with Momo. Ugo explains what he has learned from the leader of the Manticores and Arba concludes that means they should entrust that thing to them without waiting for other leaders and leave sooner than expected, and Solomon agrees. When Momo falls asleep, Sheba thinks about what her new friend told her: that his father died due to magic from the tower, making Sheba feel responsible, although she quickly reassures herself that other Magicians are as guilty as her. However, her thought pattern leads her to feeling guilty again as she apologizes to Momo. The next day, she tries to tell Momo the truth but fails. She tells Solomon how she feels about the whole matter and he acknowledges the fact that she's changed, what makes him like her now. Sheba breaks in tears while Solomon encourages her that she will have a chance to apologize.

Just then, the Manticores tribe, affected by the magic that makes other species mindless, attack Solomon's group. Solomon argues with Sheba that what happened to them is exactly the same thing she was doing, but she denies. However, as she realizes that he is right, she screams that they are the real villains who let a great sinner like her live. They answer by revealing that they also are wielders of the divine staves who were lending their power to towers and survived, so they're all the great sinners.


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