His Name is Solomon (その名はソロモン, Sono Na wa Soromon) is Night 216 of the Magi manga series.

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Solomon's resistance

Sheba hears ruckus outside and wonders if people there are coming for her. Meanwhile, Solomon gives orders to his subordinates. Wahid, Setta, Falan and Arba fight off some Magicians while Ugo and Ithnan make their way through the Tower's defense to acquire a Divine Staff. As soon as Solomon with them reach Sheba, Ugo comments she's at her limit. Solomon breaks through the barrier that surrounds her and tells her to go with him if she wants to live, as those whom she anticipates will not come. 800 years after receiving a Magic from Ilah, humans long forgot about their noble intentions and began terrorizing other species. They built Gunuds in their territories and brainwashed them. Solomon explains that they are "Resistance" who oppose Magicians' orthodox.

Despicable woman

Sheba then finds herself surrounded by lots of lively people who bicker each other. Arba approaches Sheba and kindly ask for her name. She then introduces herself and Solomon. Sheba states she wants to go back to the tower, claiming that nothing she did was against her will. Upon learning that Solomon's resistance members are actually her enemies, she threats them that they will receive a divine punishment and escapes. All alone in the heat, she realizes that she forgot her staff and is attacked by a monster, only to be rescued again by Solomon. Although Sheba insists to kill the monster, Solomon calms it down and releases it to its mother. Sheba comments that monsters are much more disgusting that she thought and regrets not having her staff with her to turn them into fools. Solomon grabs her hand and brands her a despicable woman who is the real monster there, much to Sheba's shock.


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