The Homeland Where He Was Born (生まれ故郷, Umare Kokyō) is Night 214 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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Yunan asks about Judar's whereabouts, so Koumei explains that he is immersing himself in magic training as of late. Aladdin says that Alma Torran is a place where Djinn, Al-Thamen and he were born. When asked by Alibaba what kind of place his homeland was, Aladdin explains that it's "another world", existing in another space and time. He denies Sinbad's idea that it's another celestial being, since another "star" is located in the same space. Alibaba asks how Aladdin was able to travel to their world if it's supposedly impossible, only to learn that he was sent there by this world's creator, Solomon. Aladdin then starts projecting the image of Alma Torran he got in the Sacred Palace which is equal to disobeying Solomon's will. Aladdin tells the story from when the intelligent forms of life other than humans were born. He explains what problems Alma Torran faced and mentions that at that time, humanity was one of the weakest species.


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