Unified Ideology (思想統一, Shisō Tōitsu) is Night 209 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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Koumei reveals his reasoning to Alibaba. He thinks that it will be impossible for humans to understand each other and "hatred" of the people who support different ideologies causes conflicts. He claims that Mogamett was wrong that only Goi and Magicians cannot understand each other; it can't be done as long as people believe in different things. Koumei exclaims that their goal is to erase from the history the fact that different ideologies existed. Koumei also explains the use of the slavery system and asks if Alibaba ever had to cast away things dear to him for a greater good. Afterwards, Koumei and Alibaba join Kouen. Alibaba answers that he can't agree with their goals and asks why Koumei doesn't convey his true feelings to his people. Kouen interrupts and makes Alibaba realize that he is in the middle of an enemy's base and it would be easy to get rid of him. He points his sword at him but instead of killing him, he tells him to become his right hand man. He orders him to cut his connections to the Sindria Kingdom and swear loyalty to him.


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