The Man Called Ren Koumei (練紅明という男, Ren Kōmei to iu Otoko) is Night 208 of the Magi manga series.

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Alibaba notices Barkak and others in the Balbadd Palace. Kouen's followers demand Alibaba to bow in front of him, although others say that there's no need as he has no connections with Balbadd anymore. Since both choices mean a loss to Alibaba, he starts prostrating but comes up with a lie, that is that they have a custom in Balbadd and the act of touching the ground with one's head is a prayer for a pregnant woman to have an easy delivery. Thanks to that, his former subordinates are also freed from bowing. Afterwards, Alibaba goes to talk with Kouen alone. After being provoked, Kouen mentions that he got his status by a chance. Alibaba then keeps asking him why in different areas and as Kouen gets angry, he makes him talk to Koumei. The younger Prince states that it was him who took the autonomy from Balbadd and explains it in details, although Alibaba doesn't believe it at all. Koumei says that a lie repeated countless times becomes a reality. He then reveals that their reason is to unify the world and in their belief, Alibaba is walking the same path as them.


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