An Evening at an Old Friend’s House (旧友との夜, Kyūyū to no Yoru) is Night 206 of the Magi manga series.

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Alibaba's group watches Balbadd, which now resembles the Kou Empire. Alibaba mentions that he heard that the countries that are the part of Kou become Kou itself. During their trip around the city they notice that people are wearing the same clothes. After that, they are notified that Kouen will meet them in the morning, so Alibaba wants to meet someone during the night. He goes to Zaynab and Hassan, who are now living in a family of three with their child. Alibaba laughs at little Zassan, whose face is just like his father's. After that, Hassan falls asleep and Zaynab tells Alibaba how their life is better now; they were given everything, from food to a house, and by working people can even leave the slums. She dreams of owning a little shop one day. When she and her son go to sleep, Hassan revels the mystery concerning the citizen clothes and how they can't wear white, which was the color of, for instance, the Fog Troupe's members. He fears that in the future people will forget that a country named Balbadd once existed. After that, he decides to take Alibaba in front of Cassim's grave so the two of them could talk.


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