Sinbad and Yunan (シンドバッドとユナン, Shindobaddo to Yunan) is Night 204 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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Morgiana makes Alibaba realize that he misunderstood her confession. Ashamed, he throws a tantrum screaming that he has enough and everything is horrible. He then runs away. Morgiana tells others what happened and Toto explains to her that Alibaba was very happy and is now deeply hurt. Morgiana wonders if she should apologize but Olba says it was his fault. Then they go to look for Alibaba. As they find him, they try to tell him that Morgiana doesn't hate him, but he only starts screaming again, saying that he wants to be popular. Morgiana apologizes for causing such a misunderstanding and tells him that she never thought of something as amazing as being with him and asks him to wait until she can properly learn to be with him, because she really likes him. Alibaba agrees with tears and Olba's group thinks that it's because of his honest self he is so trustworthy, their King.

In the Sindria Kingdom, Aladdin is reading a book about Rukh when he is interrupted by Yunan. They mention what had happened after the Magnostadt's battle. Aladdin says that Morgiana said a lot of good things about Yunan, but he answers he's not so good and knows a lot about Ugo. He then notices that Sinbad is eavesdropping on them with a bird and tells him to stop, even though Sinbad is in a completely different place. Much to Aladdin's surprise, Yunan states he doesn't trust Sinbad that much and Sinbad doesn't trust him.


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