After the War (戦の後, Ikusa no Ato) is Night 199 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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Aladdin writes in his diary and explains the events following the war to Magnostadt, Titus, Marga, Sphintus and his clan, also mentioning a summit between the Seven Seas Alliance and the Kou Empire which he is to attend in two months. Later, he arrives with Alibaba and Morgiana in the Sindria Kingdom, where they are warmly welcomed by Pisti and the other Eight Generals. Sinbad apologizes to Alibaba for leaving everything in his and Yamraiha's hands, though he does not mind if it means staying with Aladdin. Alibaba reunites with Olba and the former Umm Madaura’s Crew members, who are now much more upbeat, as well as with Toto who have come to see him while accompanying Shambal.

That night, during the evening party, Sharrkan comes to greet Alibaba. He asks him whether he was able to become a "man" in Reim, as Remano's noblewomen like to sleep in gladiators' arms. Just then, a blushing Toto appears, Alibaba tries to keep her quiet. Birgit inquires if Toto is Alibaba's lover and Sharrkan asks if Alibaba really got a girlfriend in Reim. After a moment of silence, Alibaba answers yes.


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