Welcome Home (おかえりなさい, Okaerinasai) is Night 198 of the Magi manga series.

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Marga dreams of her promise to meet Titus again and then, be together forever. A Magician tells Sphintus not to worry as she will survive, but Sphintus replies that when she wakes up, Titus won't be there. Meanwhile, Sinbad and Kouen stand against one another. Kouen reminds everyone that Magnostadt was their original objective. Sinbad reveals that Reim and the Seven Seas Alliance are now allies and they have to use their all powers to return Magnostadt to its former glory. Kouha realizes that he just wants to seize it for himself. In this case, Kouen tries to take Aladdin with him. Then, the Magicians join them.

Magnostadt Arc End.png

Gyokuen is happy about the outcome of Scheherazade's death. She notes that they haven't wasted their time after all and they'll easily be able to invite "their Father" later. Al-Thamen's members think that Solomon might revive Scheherazade. In the Sacred Palace, Scheherazade points out that it should be Titus to become a new Magi, which Ugo does. He sends Titus back to the Reim Empire, from where he is sent to Magnostadt, completely confused about why he is alive. There he is warmly welcomed by Aladdin, Sphintus and Marga, who tell him, "Welcome home!!". Then, they tightly hug him.

Over the country, Judar collects the Black Rukh. As he's done, he wants to leave with Hakuryuu. Hakuryuu apologizes to Aladdin, Morgiana and Alibaba for choosing the other way after all and bids them farewell.


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