Hesitation (迷い, Mayoi) is Night 196 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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The Medium begins to fall into pieces. When the gathered start thinking that it's the end, the Medium regenerates. Gyokuen laughs, saying that there's no way for 13 people to kill it when 72 had problems. Muu curses that even with Scheherazade's last Magoi they couldn't do it. When asked by Aladdin what he meant, he explains that they were able to use their Extreme Magic thanks to her, but with the cost of her dying. He also mentions that Titus died a while back as well. Meanwhile, Sphintus regrets that he went to the battlefield, as he couldn't help Titus.

The Medium stops moving. Yunan explains that it's because of the white light inside it and the fact that the human that became its core is hesitating. Aladdin realizes that it's Mogamett and goes inside it through Wisdom of Solomon, taking Yamraiha with him. There, they meet Mogamett's Rukh surrounded by the people whose Rukh also became part of the Medium. Aladdin notices who stopped Mogamett, Titus.

Around Magnostadt, Judar and Hakuryuu are watching the battle. Judar says that he wanted to see the power that changed his life again.


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