The Hour of Downfall (滅亡の時, Metsubō no Toki) is Night 194 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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Mor saves Alibaba in Magnostadt.png

The Medium is bringing an end to the world. Gyokuen wants to crush Solomon's arrogant will and to let the world sink into darkness along with Aladdin. Aladdin realizes what is happening. The scene is watched by the people in Magnostadt, including Myers and Doron. At that time, Sphintus looks at Titus' remains with tears welling up in his eyes. However, the Medium is stopped by a fully Djinn Equipped Sinbad, who came along with his Seven Seas Alliance Metal Vessel users. Aladdin realizes that Yamraiha and Drakon also tagged around. Gyokuen is wondering how Sinbad dares to bring Djinn and their masters in one place. Sinbad states that he is grateful to the two people who quickly realized what was happening and brought everyone there from all across the world. Yunan replies that it's good that they made it in time, as he was very worried. Meanwhile, when Alibaba is relieved after the winning the battle, he runs out of Magoi and starts falling down after his Djinn Equip wears off. Much to his shock and confusion, he is caught by Morgiana, who appears before him brightly smiling.


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