The Treacherous Magi (裏切りのマギ, Uragiri no Magi) is Night 193 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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The whole group is at their limit. Aladdin still believes that they will be able to win, even though the shape of the "Medium" is different from Alma Torran. He reveals that the 72 Household Members of Solomon became Djinn in order to fight against it in the past. Afterwards, Hakuei is attacked, but Aladdin protects her. Kougyoku, thinking that she's unworthy of living as she's been reduced to such a sorry state near the sea, attacks it, but her water blades are useless. She gets caught in the Medium's hands, but Kouha tries to save her, cutting it off. However, he gets caught as well, and while Kougyoku's skin gets teared off only on her legs, Kouha's whole body is damaged. Koumei teleports a mountain onto it, but the Medium is unharmed.

Gyokuen is watching the battle via the Black Rukh. She wonders who Aladdin is. Upon learning that he's a Magi whom Solomon let sleep in the Holy Palace and obtained Solomon's Wisdom, she comments that Solomon was arrogant after all. She says that she knows Aladdin because she also served under Solomon in Alma Torran. She gets her staff back and recalls the day when she betrayed him; while being one of his three wise Magi.


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