The One Who Eats Rukh (ルクを喰うモノ, Rufu o Kuu Mono) is Night 191 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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Alibaba and Kouen were able to destroy the pillar that connected the thing in the clouds with the Medium. Kouen explains that his white flames last eternally unless he orders them to disappear. He then reminds Alibaba to go and recover his Magoi, but as they reach the volcano, the fire in it disappears thanks to several big hands from the Medium. The Medium absorbs his Black Djinn, much to Aladdin's and Kouha's surprise, and turns into a huge, slim doll. First, it takes the Rukh from Astaroth's flames and then proceeds to take other lifeforms. Realizing what's happening, Aladdin warns everyone that whatever it touches, let it be the trees or people, the victim's Magoi will be taken, which will result in death. Gyokuen explains that the Medium is already adapting to their "Father".

Alibaba tries to attack it, but soon gets caught himself. The same happens to Kouen, and their Djinn Equip are stripped from them, resulting in their skin being teared off and bleeding. Seeing them, Kougyoku goes into a rage and attacks the Medium with Vainel Arros and Vainel Al-Salos, successfully spearing her opponent.


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