The Djinn Warriors (魔装戦士達, Masō Senshi-tachi) is Night 188 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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Gyokuen is notified about the inability to locate the Magi and about the disappearance of all the Dungeon Capturers. She decides to ignore them and focus on burning in their memories the moment they were eagerly waiting for. The Black Djinn attack Magnostadt. Magicians try to protect the citizens, also those of the 5th Level Authorization District, while retreating. Scheherazade tries to save some of people by herself, realizing that the reason why their enemies are so big is that they stole Titus' Magoi and screams to give back her son. She gets hurt when her Borg is broken, but Alibaba saves her. He notes that he can't use his fire powers with people getting into his way, and Aladdin can't do much without the proper staff as well, so to not hurt others. Some of the Black Djinn are pushed out by a Djinn Equipped Hakuei, while other Djinn are defeated by the rest of Kou's Dungeon Capturers. Then, Hakuei is surprised to see Aladdin. She explains to Koumei that he saved her life. Meanwhile, Alibaba spots Kougyoku, who is happy to see him. She tells Kouha that they're good friends. Kouen declares that he will obtain the truth about the world on the other side and the light that shines on their future’s history. Gyokuen appears awkwardly smiling while the group faces an overwhelming amount of Black Djinn coming from the sphere.


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