Kouen and Alibaba (紅炎とアリババ, Kōen to Aribaba) is Night 186 of the Magi manga series.

Characters In Order Of Appearance

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A ball appears above Magnostadt, which is getting destroyed. The roof of the 5th Level Authorization District opens. Two members of Al-Thamen wonder who supplied Magoi in order for the furnace becoming the "medium" for their "Father"'s descendant. Gyokuen, still crying, explains that it's because of the Magoi accumulated in Magnostadt that became a scapegoat for the people underground. She says that this furnace was active for 10 years and continued to grow. She tells her people that Magnostadt's people did it by themselves, which is a partial gift of Ithnan, who betrayed Solomon, as thanks to him, people opened the "Black Spot" by themselves. Happy, she cries even more and screams that she and "Father" finally meet. She says that the world will change, just like Alma Torran.

Kou's soldiers are confused by Alibaba, who revealed his identity as the Prince of Balbadd Kingdom. They recall the situation the three princes are in. Alibaba thinks that even though he could get away with words, he can't turn his back on Kouen. He says that he stepped on the battlefield to save Kouha's life, but isn't believed by most people. Kouen asks if he isn't looking down on him as he already lost his country, which makes Alibaba embarrassed. Kouen thanks Alibaba for saving Kouha. Seishuu is angry that Alibaba didn't even thank Kouen and Kin remarks that Alibaba was the one whose intentions were seen through and he was embarrassed from the deepness of his heart. The western sky turns black. Aladdin orders the old man, Kouen, to send back his troops. He summons his Djinn to make him believe him.


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