The Last Power (最後の力, Saigo no Chikara) is Night 185 of the Magi manga series.

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Mogamett wonders why Titus protects Marga, when she's merely Goi. He wants to use the Magoi of all 200,000 Goi from the 5th District to obtain even more power, but Titus exclaims that he won't allow that. He says that he likes Mogamett, but understands that his kindness was only because Titus is a Magician. Mogamett wonders why he hates that, when their relationship is close, while they and Goi will never be able to understand each other. Titus contradicts him, saying that he is different from Marga, Aladdin or Scheherazade, but they're dear to him. Mogamett says that he used to think the same thing, but people will drag down others with natural ability or manipulate them, and eventually end up despising them. Even with people they hold dear, people can't be equal. Titus thinks that Mogamett's sad face is a proof for him to just being sad for not being able to live with Goi, the ones he loved, on equal terms. Titus then releases the Magoi Scheherazade accumulated into him and uses the biggest Aberrant Magic of Scheherazade's body replica, which rejects Mogamett's Black Rukh. However, this act costs Titus his life, as he turns into a skeleton.

Titus' sacrifice stops the absorption of Magoi. However, the furnace doesn't need Mogamett as intermediary, instead, it became independent of him. Mogamett is shocked to find out that it still wants Magoi. He wants to know who is on the end of the tunnel. It leads to the Kou Empire, where Gyokuen is sitting, crying and smiling at the same time, saying, "We finally meet, «Father»."


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