Titus and Marga (ティトスとマルガ, Titosu to Maruga) is Night 184 of the Magi manga series.

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Scheherazade and the Fanalis Corps are struggling against Black Djinn to protect the Reim Empire's fleet while it's retreating. Myron is angry at Titus for not helping them, but Scheherazade thinks it's her fault because Titus' life was too short and he, unlike everyone else, only recently found people he holds dear. Meanwhile, Titus is suffering that everyone is putting their life on the line, while he's the pathetic guy, scared not only of death, but also that everything will end with him doing nothing. Marga brightly smiles and wants to go with him. She reassures him that he's not pathetic and tells him that him loving all people is something fantastic. She also says that the world with him sparkles and not being able to do things you want to, when your world doesn't sparkle, is like being that. After a while, Titus takes her hand and the two of them head towards the battlefield, with Titus' comment that Marga is already an adult, much older than he is.

In the meantime, everyone else is doing their best against the Black Djinn. Titus finally meets Mogamett and firmly states that killing him is not his intention.


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