Amon’s Djinn Equip (魔装アモン, Masō Amon) is Night 182 of the Magi manga series.

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Amol Dherrsaiqa's attack.png

Alibaba slashes off the Black Djinn but they keep regenerating. Reirei wonders if he's an ally, while Kouha wants to know what a Metal Vessel user is doing there. A flashback with the conversation between Aladdin and Alibaba occurs, where Aladdin tells Alibaba about Magnostadt's way of doing things, mentioning children like Marga or Titus. Seeing even more Black Djinn, Aladdin notes they're similar to what he saw in Alma Torran. Alibaba then Djinn Equips, saying that he's faster in that form and it's not the time to save up his Magoi. He adds that he'll stop the Black Djinn. Back in the present, Alibaba continues slashing his opponents, but Kouha realizes that they keep regenerating. Alibaba then changes his sword from Amol Saiqa to Amol Dherrsaiqa and fires a powerful attack, burning the Black Djinn with just a single thrust.

Kouen's Household.png

After finishing off some of them, 30 more Black Djinn come. Alibaba starts summoning his Extreme Magic, what is quickly caught by Aladdin and Kouha. Alibaba tells Aladdin that he'll lose a lot of Magoi, but it's not the time to keep hiding his trump card. Aladdin reassures him he will help him restore his Magoi with his Heat Magic. Alibaba exclaims that he will defeat Al-Thamen and the Black Djinn, and starts his attack. The attack is fired, but not by Alibaba. Kouen Ren and his Household interfere in the fight, making Kouha regret that he troubled him, even though everyone else is happy because of his presence. Kouen says that if these enemies are too much for the others, they will deal with them with their strength. Meanwhile, Alibaba is watching what happens, with the Metal Vessel symbol still behind him, and is greatly confused, asking "Eh? Eh...? Eh!!?".


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