Fighting Spirit (戦う心, Tatakau Kokoro) is Night 175 of the Magi manga series.

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Alibaba watches the fight between Magnostadt and the Reim Empire from Reim's fleet. He realizes Aladdin is there as well, and, despite Muu's warning, decides to go there to meet him. Meanwhile, Muu asks how Aladdin is going to stop the war, something neither Mogamett or Scheherazade could do. Then, Aladdin watches his surroundings and tells Mogamett they will protect the city once again. The Reim Empire's army starts to attack Aladdin, who, as they think, want to wipe them out. The Ugos then start crumbling down and becomes sand, which sweep away the soldiers to outside of the barrier. Aladdin threatens to do it everytime, killing the fighting spirit of Reim's soldiers. Then, he wants them to go back to the Reim Empire. Muu prepares his Metal Vessel to fight.


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