Fanalis vs Magicians (ファナリスVS魔法使い, Fanarisu VS Mahōtsukai) is Night 172 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Aladdin takes off the stone which blocked his powers as a Magi, but he gets Magoi from Rukh very slowly. Aladdin and Titus are soon assisted by Myers and other Magicians. Aladdin realizes that using his real powers isn't the only way to fight. Muu announces that they won't retreat since Magnostadt is useful to Reim. Aladdin then asks why is Scheherazade doing such an arrogant thing. He thinks that even though Magnostadt isn't correct, if countries like Kou or Reim won't stop, Magnostadt's people will never change their way of thinking.

The battle begins with 59 Magicians versus 22 members of the Fanalis Corps. Myron notices that the Borgs of different people aren't the same. The Fanalis Corps then advances. To stop them, Aladdin connects a place where they are with water, remembering that Fanalis aren't good with it, as it was in Morgiana's case. It does no damage to them, so Myers and others use Lightning Magic to finish still-wet Fanalis off. Myers explains that even if singlular Magician is weak, if they cooperate their power can be multiplied. What's more, weather, water and other natural phenomenons are Magicians' ally. At the same time, Aladdin's powers as a Magi return to him.


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