The Power Of The People (人の力, Hito no Chikara) is Night 169 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Despite the great history of the Reim Empire, currently its army is stopped by a thin wall of a magical barrier and is unable to move forward. Scheherazade declares she really hates Mogamett and reassures Ignatius and Nerva that there's no need for their Metal Vessels. Then, Reim's army comes in riding balloons and throws bombs and gunpowder. A flashback occurs, which reveals that Reim bet on man-power and the power of chemistry. Scheherazade wanted Reim's people to walk on their own legs.

After a moment of continuous attacks, the barrier starts breaking. Mogamett can't believe that Goi dominated Magicians with their ineptitude and vulgarity. Scheherazade starts arguing with him. She explains that people can live by themselves and even if Magicians disappeared, they could think with their own head to find a better path. She asks what's wrong with people making mistakes, having a savage feeling, getting hurt, as they continue to move forward with their own strength, their own legs. The barrier is then finally broken. Scheherazade says she pities Mogamett's country and its people, as they only rely on Magicians and want to be protected. Mogamett hears as people ask them for help, but smiles and concludes that's a way of Magnostadt and they will oppose Reim with the "power" they've created.


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