Guardian Deities (守護神, Shugoshin) is Night 168 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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The Reim Empire's army draws near Magnostadt. Meanwhile, in the Reim's capital, Remano, Scheherazade sees them and addresses to Magnostadt's Magicians. She warns them that the war will begin if they don't surrender, revealing that Mogamett took a son of the Alexius family hostage and smuggled magic items into Reim's territory, but the answer is clear. Scheherazade orders her troops to start attacking. In the meantime, Aladdin and Sphintus talk. Aladdin reveals he's the only one who can stop Mogamett's "power"; otherwise, everyone will die.

Reim's troops try to fight but they can't get through the Borg; Magnostadt's barrier. Scheherazade reassures them they can destroy it with brute strength alone. Before they can do it, High-Class Magicians, including Doron, Irene and Myers, called "Guardian Deities", come to stop them and do so. Mogamett explains how Magnostadt works and why Reim's army won't be able to destroy it, but Scheherazade smiles and confidently declares that Magnostadt will fall.


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