War Cry (鬨のこえ, Toki no Koe) is Night 167 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Kouha Ren, who is in the Tenzan Plateu, is notified about the Reim Empire invading Magnostadt. When asked if he's going to do something about it, he answers positively, since Magnostadt belongs to his older brother, Kouen Ren. In the meantime, Magnostadt citizens rebel as they don't want to fight with Reim. One of them tries to calm the rest down, while one mother is seen believing in the Magicians.

In the Magnostadt Academy, Magicians are scared about the upcoming war. Then, Irene comes and tries to calm them down by revealing that they have a certain "power" stored, which will be able to oppose both Kou and Reim. Then, Titus comes wearing High-Class Magicians' clothes and announces he became one of then and thus isn't related to Reim anymore. When asked by Aladdin if he's going to fight against Scheherazade, he answers that he doesn't want to die. Seeing Aladdin's expression, he concludes that he isn't similar to him and thinks only about himself. Aladdin says it's the same for him. He explains his viewpoint and adds that he will fight for the wishes others entrusted to him. He ends his monologue by saying that Reim isn't real threat, but instead something in Magnostadt. Later, Mogamett in his speech, tells the Magicians to fight.

Meanwhile, on the Reim Empire's ship, Lo'lo' offers that he will swim to Magnostadt, but Myron tries to cool him down. He starts a fight with her, which Muu attempts to stop. However, Lo'lo' accidentally sends him flying. He is helped by Alibaba, and explains to him why he is weaker then the rest of his unit. Myron and Lo'lo' wonder why Alibaba is even with them. Then, Alibaba addresses to Aladdin asking if he's doing well.


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