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Before the Beginning of the War (開戦の前, Kaisen no Mae) is Night 166 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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No magic appeared in this chapter.


Mogamett explains that Magnostadt will wage a war against the Reim Empire. Aladdin recalls what the Chancellor told him the previous night about Titus's real identity and about his acquaintanceship with Ithnan and his connections to Al-Thamen in general. Aladdin notes that Mogamett is a good king, but only for Magicians. Back in present time, the Magicians are ready to fight for Magnostadt. Titus feels guilty that something like this is happening because of him and tries to stop them, being afraid of the three King Vessels in the Reim Empire. In Reim's capital, Remano, the two of aforementioned King Vessels are talking about Reim's expansion. Scheherazade notes that they have to get Titus back. She says she counts on Muu, who appears with the rest of the Fanalis Corps.