Genesis (発端, Hottan) is Night 165 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Titus says that he has a certain predicament that won't let him live long, but he doesn't want to die. Mogamett is worried and asks Titus if he's affected by some kind of illness just like Marga, but Titus tells him he's not even human, but a clone of Scheherazade. He then explains how was he born and ends up wondering why he's alive in this world. He says that sometimes he envies his friends and their talks about what they will do after his death becomes unbearable, which eventually leads him to falling into depravity. Scheherazade senses that something is wrong with his Rukh and takes control of his body. She then has a talk with Mogamett concerning Magnostadt's future. Mogamett doesn't want to be part of either Reim nor Kou and what's more, doesn't want to abandon Titus, thus he frees Titus from Scheherazade's control.

The end of the chapter advertises Adventure of Sinbad with exclusive scenes of Matal, Yunan, Scheherazade, and Arba (Gyokuen) feeling the presence of Sinbad's birth only found in this chapter as it was not included in the retelling Adventure of Sinbad manga series.


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