The Truth About Titus (ティトスの真実, Titosu no Shinjitsu) is Night 164 of the Magi manga series.

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Titus crying.png

Magicians heal Marga's illness. At night, Titus contacts Scheherazade again and tells her Magnostadt is manufacturing magic items by copying from real Dungeon items. Titus then explains further about this matter. Scheherazade orders Titus to search for other positive proofs and says that when the investigation is finished, Titus's role will end too. She adds that he should come back to her side, just like the other children did. Titus tries to say something and gains her concern, but when she asks him if there's something more he wants to tell her, he smiles and denies. The following day, Marga, Sphintus, Aladdin and Titus spend a day together, but Titus doesn't seem really happy, and is rather absent-minded. When the others begin to make plans for the future, he remains silent and smiling. Overnight, Marga thanks him for what he did and asks him to wait for her until she grows up. Titus promises her that he will wait for her no matter how long. Then, he goes to where Mogamett is and, in tears, says to him that he doesn't want to die yet.


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