Zemi (研究室 (ゼミ), Zemi) is Night 163 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Sphintus is delighted that he got one Zemi recommendation, while Aladdin and Titus got multiple offers. As they are interested in all classes, they decide to choose differently and share the knowledge later. Titus goes for "Magic Item Production", while Aladdin for "Rukh Properties and Alterations". Aladdin recognises his teacher, Irene, but she doesn't take his greetings and comments that she hates lucky people, as having tea with Mogamett is her dream. The lesson begins and Irene tells her students about the Black Rukh; artificial life forms and Black Djinn. She then addresses to Aladdin that normal students shouldn't be able to understand what she's talking about and she wonders what he knows about this. He says that Magnostadt is connected to Al-Thamen after all, but she doesn't know what he is talking about.

Later, Titus talks with Scheherazade, but she finds it weird that Magnostadt hasn't joined hands with the Kou Empire yet. Then, Marga comes in and Scheherazade demands to know about her. She reminds Titus that he has only a little time left. In the night, Marga starts coughing so Titus rushes to her side. She demands that he told her if she became a burden. She then continues saying that Titus brought her there and showed her amazing things, which made her happy. She doesn't know if she could see other things like that as well, but Titus promises her to be with her forever. He then lies next to her wide awake, remembering about his lifespan.


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