The Truth About Mogamett (モガメットの真実, Mogametto no Shinjitsu) is Night 162 of the Magi manga series.

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Mogamett permits to take Marga outside but not because of his kindness for her, but for Titus. He knows of Titus being the Reim Empire's Scheherazade's subordinate. He then says that both Scheherazade and Yamraiha are only poor female Magicians working for foreign countries and notes that if Yamraiha alone created a barrier to support Sindria, she is bound to die young; the same is for Scheherazade, no matter if she's a Magi or not. Later, Titus takes Marga outside, but Mogamett doesn't acknowledge her nor other Goi as human beings. Aladdin notices it and comments that because of this, the world will end. After that, Marga is happy as she goes through the surface and tells Titus that she loves him. Meanwhile, Aladdin asks Sphintus if he agrees with Mogamett and is very upset when hears that he indeed is. Later, Aladdin looks at Zemi's recommendations he got and wonders what he should pick.


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