The Magician's Solitude (魔導士の孤独, Madōshi no Kodoku) is Night 159 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Matal Mogamett continues his lecture about Goi being different from Magicians. He explains about the Rukh making the world move. He also shows resentment about the kings of the current countries, who are only Goi. This make the students stunned and he later shows the situation in Musta'sim Kingdom 70 years ago, about his experience in his youth as a magician serving the king using Remote Clairvoyance Magic. He had a daughter who cheered him up everytime he went to work and his wife has also died due to overdoing work as a magician. He was also forcefully made to do miracles; for example: making water fall on the fields. The magicians did their job with a toll on their bodies due to insufficient Magoi. Mogamett's daughter, Sana, also was a Magician and he was worried about the future of his daughter. Mogamett also brought joy to others through magic, giving him and his magicians a great influence over the country through magic, which even reached the king's ears. He also believed magicians were born to improve the world and help others, which he explained to his daughter about. However, in present times, he thinks his ideals are wrong.


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