Ideology Reformation (思想教育, Shisō Kyōiku) is Night 158 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Aladdin is being interrogated by Mogamett. Aladdin confesses that he did infiltrate the district. However, he is spared from punishment and is invited to chat with Mogamett. The Chancellor asks Aladdin about Yamraiha, then tells him that he was Yamraiha's surrogate father and about their past. Hearing that Yamraiha is happy in Sindria, Mogamett is happy as well. He also notes the fact that Aladdin has a mission here, however, Mogamett tells Aladdin he does not care about these. While speaking, Aladdin notices that Mogamett's gentleness is similar to that of Baba and Alibaba and isn't unable to understand how he can do such cruel things. The next day, Sphintus informs Aladdin about their permission being granted to head to the 5th District, of which Titus insisted to see Marga again. However, they can go there only after the ideology reformation. Mogamett later stands up on the lectern and asks some questions to think about; basically about why would Magicians exist and why are they different from others, which will be revealed.


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