Cooperation (協力, Kyōryoku) is Night 154 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Titus, Aladdin and Sphintus are getting great care because they are Magicians in the 4th Level of Authorization District. Titus is elated by seeing such ordinary things like a baby, a mother, cats, stores or just people. When Aladdin asks about the 5th level authorization district, a pair of men advise him not to enter there as it is filled with garbage and outcasts. Aladdin becomes curious and finds out that he must be after ideology reformation course to enter this district. Later, Titus talks with Scheherazade and voices his happiness for being able to see all those things, but instead of being happy with him, she scolds him and asks not to be distracted. Later at night, Aladdin is prompted by Titus to enter the 5th district and Sphintus is robed in. They have problems at first, even with Titus' magic that disguised them as High-Class Magicians, but Sphintus puts the guards to sleep with Healing Magic. After passing through the barrier, they go to the reference room and researches about the caste system. They are shocked to find out two-thirds of the population live in district 5, which makes them wonder how they could quarantine such a huge amount of people and where exactly do they live in the city.


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