Mission (使命, Shimei) is Night 153 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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Titus visits Aladdin that night and apologizes for what he had done. He reveals himself as a Magi's subordinate and begs Aladdin to reveal who he is. Aladdin decides to truthfully tell him that he is a Magi himself, but Titus doesn't believe him. Aladdin explains his circumstances, which leads Titus into thinking that he is the Magi that is not supposed to exist. Titus also shares information with Aladdin about Sindria's alliance with the Reim Empire, which is Sinbad's intention. They also mention their purpose of studying in the Magnostadt Academy. Titus wants to investigate the abnormalities of the country which could jeopardize the empire and leaves telling Aladdin not to get in his way. However, Aladdin asks whether they could help each other or not. The next day, Titus joins Aladdin and Sphintus to look around the town area, with a totally different attitude from before. They go around the city and notice that there's no slaves there; instead, everything is done by Magic Tools. Sphintus later tells Aladdin about the level of citizenship, which mainly depends on whether the family is magician or non-magician, which makes Aladdin shocked. After that, the group encounters a cat, to which Titus responds like a new-born, making Aladdin wonder if he's alright and Sphintus scolding him as it's perfectly normal.


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