Titus' True Identity (ティトスの正体, Titosu no Shōtai) is Night 152 of the Magi manga series.

Characters in Order of Appearance

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When both Titus and Aladdin find each other's magical stone on their arms, they shun each other and continue the duel. However, they are stopped by Mogamett who ends it with a tie. Aladdin later becomes curious about Titus and the reason behind his presence. Titus, however, ambushes Aladdin with a fatal blow and Aladdin loses consciousness. Titus is placed in confinement for the night for violence without consent. Aladdin dreams of the times under King Solomon's reign. He also realizes that he is different from his surroundings. In confinement, Titus starts to communicate with the jewel on his arm to the Magi of the Reim Empire, Scheherazade.


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