Titus Alexius (ティトス・アレキウス, Titosu.Arekiusu) is Night 149 of the Magi manga series.

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There's a celebration going for the candidates of the 1st Kodors who advanced towards the next level: Aladdin and Sphintus. The following day at the Magnostadt Academy's "Iktiyar", they announce the best student, instead of being Aladdin, Titus Alexius was chosen. Aladdin stands face-to-face with Titus. In the student dorm, Titus and his followers are causing violence, which the students don't dare to do something about. Titus talks for the first time with Aladdin, asking him to become friends with him since they're both above others. Titus is then surprised by Aladdin's thought that he was a woman instead of a male. While the two are creating a scene, they catch the eyes of shadowy individuals, which one of them suggests that they should fight in a magic battle tomorrow.


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